How Prolong Your Dogs Life

All those who have a dog in their family want to enjoy their faithful companion in good health as long as possible.

Discover this tips to improve the well-being of your dog and to keep your dogs live longer.

Sterilization or Castration

It is direct and quite cruel, but castration in the male and sterilization in the female can prevent a lot of illness and accident. In the case of bitches, udder cancer and uterine infections will, among other things, be avoided.

As for male dogs, they will be more likely to stay at home rather than run away to court a female.  Avoiding the drama most feared, that your dog is overthrown by a car. Castration also helps to minimize the risk of prostate problems in your doggie.

Prevention is better than cure

First, vaccinate your dog against dangerous diseases and keep them up to date. At the same time, a deworming treatment once or twice a year will allow your companion to avoid a lot of worries. Know even more that it is much cheaper, and dangerous for their health, to do prevention in your dog than to treat diseases.

When your dog reaches the senior age, a small annual prevention visit to the veterinarian also helps prevent diseases that your pet may contract.


A balanced diet, good quality and adapted will allow your companion to have all the nutrients he needs to stay in shape. This is more necessary if your dog has health problems, such as kidney failure. A proper diet (talk to your veterinarian) will help reduce or delay the onset of symptoms and prolong the life of your dog.


As with all species, obesity is a real health problem. Weigh your animal every month and watch carefully for variations in weight, if there are any. When you hand over your dog, you should be able to feel his last two ribs from the front. The idea is to make him exercises, sports or long walks daily.

Thus, the onset of age-related diseases, such as arthritis, will be delayed.

 Annual Health Check Up

A little trip to the vet per year, even if you think your dog is healthy, is really advised to anticipate any diseases or other. Just like in humans, a blood test can unmask any suspicion of disease.

A happy dog can live longer, with natural and quality diet, daily exercise and lots of love your dogs will be in a good health and will live longer.