What are the Different Materials of Kitchen Faucets?

Three main types of faucets can be distinguished. Some have done their time while others have recently appeared. You can choose the style best suited to your kitchen.

Contemporary faucets

Contemporary faucets offer a blend of refinement and design. They feature a bright chrome finish and some adopt geometric shapes. You can see some of these here http://www.bestkitchenfaucets.net.

Retro faucets

Adapted to a cuisine of charm, the retro style gives a vintage look, ensuring a certain originality. Adopting this style is, however, an inexpensive due to the relatively expensive models. This type of faucet fits very well in kitchens with the old decoration. We should note that these faucets are more likely to leak.

Conventional faucets

Simplicity and elegance are combined with the classic style. Shaped between asymmetric and rectangular, the classic faucet is nevertheless accompanied by a touch of finesse, even refinement. Not too expensive, these faucets are easy to maintain and to install.

Various materials of taps

The valves are available in several manufacturing materials. Choose the one that best suits your kitchen!

Stainless steel is one of the most solid materials facing mechanical wear, water, and air. This material is highly prized for the manufacture of kitchen faucets.

Bronze is the result of the combination of several metals, such as tin, copper, zinc, and lead, giving a very original and a little old appearance to your tap.

The cast iron is divided into three categories: gray cast iron which adapts to low pressure, high-strength cast iron which is very robust, and finally Ferro-steel dedicated to medium pressure valves.

Chrome, the most widely used faucet material, can be associated generally with various colors and materials.

Synthetic is inexpensive and is available in several color variations.